When Will Silicone Implants Start to Feel Soft? It's Been 1 Month.

Breast augmentation was 4.5 weeks ago. They still are very high, tight, hard, and I have frequent twinges of pain on my right. How long before they soften up and drop? I have silicone gel under the muscle. Is the slight pain normal or should i be worried??

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Recovery after breast implants

Each patient is different, but early on after surgery it is normal for the breasts to feel how you described- swollen and sitting somewhat high on the chest (if placed under the muscle). This gets better with time. I advise my patients to begin massaging the breasts starting at 5-7 days after surgery. This helps keep the pocket open and the breasts tend to feel softer faster.  Slight pain at 4 weeks is normal. If you are having muscle spasms your surgeon can prescribe temporary muscle relaxers. This helps relax the muscle and keep it from spasming, so the implants can settle and the breasts feel softer. Another thing that might help is wearing an elastic band or strap across the top of the chest to help coax them down into position. Definitely keep close follow-up with your surgeon to help you in the early postoperative period, and ask questions if you have any concerns.


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It may take up to a year for your implants to start feeling smoother and look more settle.

Edward J. Bednar, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Soft breasts after surgery

Thank you for your question. Congrats on the surgery. It may take months for the breasts to soften, and they may never soften to the pre-surgical state. In addition, the greater the implant to breast tissue ratio, the more the implant will affect the longterm firmness (or softness) of the breast. I would exercise patience and see how things change with every few weeks that pass by.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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Silicone breast implants should soften over the first 3 months postop

Thank you for your question. Silicone gel breast implants take up to 3 months to descend into the pocket and become softer. Ask your plastic surgeon if breast implant displacement exercises will help.

Breast augmentation at early post-op

Being that you are only 4.5 weeks post-op, you have to give it time to heal and settle into the pocket. If you are concerned, you should see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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