When Do Septoplasties Improve Nasal Passage As Well As Straightening of the Nose?

Is there a particular technique and/or patient scenario that a septoplasty will resolve a crooked nose and airway problem that is highly successfully on the first surgery?

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Is there a particular technique and/or patient scenario that a septoplasty will resolve a crooked nose and airway problem that i

  Septplasty success is based upon the training, skill and experience of the Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  Have a consultation with an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty.

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Goal of septoplasty surgery

A septoplasty is a medically related procedure that is performed simply for airflow improvement when the septum is crooked.  The septum is the dividing line between the left and right nostrils.  It is composed of both bone and cartilage and when it is twisted, breathing issues arise.  A septoplasty procedure will not straighten or resolve a crooked nose.  Anything to change the external portion of the nose is considered cosmetic and must be paid for by the patient.

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Septoplasty may also require rhinoplasty to straighten the nose. Generally, it will help the breathing.

Septoplasty is an important component of a septorhinoplasty to straighten a crooked nose.  Sometimes, only a septoplasty is adequate, but in my experience, typically some straightening of the nasal bones is required, and that implies a rhinoplasty procedure. 

Straightening of a deviated septum is generally helpful to improve an airway, but be sure to have the doctor check out the turbinatesTurbinates, if enlarged due to allergy or another condition known as vasomotor rhinitis, may be a participant in the nasal blockage.  You want everything possible done to improve the airway at the first surgical sitting.  All this can be done with a rhinoplasty, meaning additional external changes, if you want a “full-court press” exerted to straighten the nose and restore symmetry. 

No responsible doctor can promise an absolutely straight nose because, while you can straighten the septum and straighten the nasal bones, it may be that your nose is asymmetrical because it sits on an asymmetrical face.  This is why a very careful analysis of all facial features at the time of consultation is absolutely essential.

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Septoplasty deals with the septum and the airways. It does not change the appearance of the nose, that is a Rhinoplasty

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