When should you see eyelid crease formation after ptosis & blepharoplasty surgery? (Photo)

Hello, I had ptosis& blepharoplasty surgery a week ago. While I do understand there is still definite swelling and bruising, and improvement in my ptosis, there is no change in crease formation. I understand healing takes time, but shouldn't there be some change? Should the doctor have formed the crease or does it naturally form itself? My right eye crease height remains the same, making my eyes asymmetrical.

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Crease after ptosis surgery

You are still in the early healing phase.  Your eyes are more open, but you still have some ptosis.  This may improve over the next few weeks.  When someone has a very high crease, this can be related to the ptosis and to a lack of fat.  We can try to recreate the crease with some buried sutures, but in some people the crease will migrate up to its old location.  You sometimes need to put fat in if you really want to move the crease down.  But if you have had a high crease for a long time, I would just leave it there.     

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First one week is exceptionally short a time frame after upper eyelid ptosis.

We are not here to mess with your head.  Certainly you need a couple of months to heal and hopefully as you heal, things gradually look better and better.  However, I do have my concerns here.  One thing that concerns me is you lack of swelling. While your eyes appear to be more open after surgery, they are not that open.  Typically post ptosis surgery residual ptosis correlates with swelling that weighs the upper eyelid down.  While crease development is a nice goal, it does not aways happen.  For this to occur, the eyelid platform skin and muscle must specifically attached to the levator aponeurosis the tendon that raises the upper eyelid.  Try to be patient.  It takes a couple of months to know what was accomplished with ptosis surgery. 

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Eyelid Surgery for correction of ptosis

Thank you for your question.

It's really hard to say at one week because there is still significant bruising and swelling which will take several more weeks to resolve.

To be sure, follow up closely with your surgeon.

I hope this helps.

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