When Will I See Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

i received lipo of my flanks for a brazilian butt lift. although i am only two days post op, i dont see much difference.since i am swollen and some of the fat will die is this the biggest my butt will be? i think my surgeon said he was only able to inject 150cc per side. is this to little?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results

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This is a very common question as patients want the result to last and be natural in appearance and feel if they are going to undergo surgery.

Fat transfer has become so popular because it allows your surgeon to use your own body tissue for the augmentation. After the first several months the buttock will feel and look natural as it is your own body fat.

The results tend to last for years to come if your weight is stable. Just like any liposuction procedure, this does not prevent your body from being able to put on weight.

With the fat transfer patients typically lose about 30% of the fat that is initially transferred, the fat that is present six months post-op will remain as long as your weight is stable. If you lose weight you can lose some of the transferred fat, and if you gain weight you can increase the size of your buttock. The benefit of the fat transfer is that the fat is your own and acts just like the fat in other parts of your body. The benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift is not only the fat transferred to your buttock but the shape transformation. This new shape will last for years as you will now have more of an hourglass figure than a square shape.

If you are at a healthy weight and maintain that you will be able to enjoy your results for year to come.

The amount of fat needed depends on the shape and needs of each individual patient, however in general at least 500cc per buttock need to be placed to see a significant difference. On average patients typically receive around 800cc per buttock side for a total of 1600cc of fat transfer. However just like a breast augmentation the amount of fat needed various from patient to patient. In your particular case I would put at least 800cc/per side for you.

When considering this procedure it is very important that you have your procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon that commonly performs this procedure.

I hope this helps.

150cc Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi there-

I agree with my colleagues that it is far too early in the recovery process for you to be seeing your final outcome.

On the other hand, I also believe that 150 cc is a very small volume of grafted fat- 

Your best bet is to complete the recovery process and then assess your outcome. If your would like further enhancement, you will need to discuss this with your surgeon, as revision/secondary Brazilian Butt Lift procedures are even more challenging.

Brazilian Butt enhancement

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The reslts of Brazilian Butt Enhancement is a matter of contouring the body and the areas around the buttocks by liposuction.

The usual amount of fat injected in each butt is 400-800 cc . It usually depend on how much fat do you have to be liposuctioned, cleaned and prepared then injected as pure fat for better take of the graft. Brazilian butt enhancement is technique dependant. The surgeon experience and your willing to understand all aspects of Butt Enhancement is crucial for a good result. You have to wait till all the swelling is gone and time has passed for the fat to take, That may be up to 12 weeks.

Cosult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in Butt enhancement of all methods

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Doubt that 150 is the number

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Results of your Brazilian Butt lift should be immediately apparent as far as your butt is concerned.  Any swelling that is present in your buttocks would make them look even bigger right now.  A volume as small as 150cc is not likely to make any visible improvement in anyone.   If only 300cc was available from your liposuction you must be extremely thin and my have been a better candidate for buttock implants if the buttocks were your main concern. 

You typically see your final results after about 2-3 months when the swelling is gone.

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You definitely haven't reached your final size or shape. Things will change as time goes by and the swelling subsides. You may see some improvement in your proportions as this happens, but your buttocks will not increase in size. Yes, the volume that was injected is pretty small, but depending on your size and how much fat was removed from around your buttocks, you may see a significant improvement in your overall proportions. The average fat volume that I usually inject is between 800 and 1000cc per side. This of course depends on your desires, how much fat you give me to work with and the skin tone of your buttocks. Sometimes I use more, and occasionally less.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

150cc per Butt Cheek is NOT a significant amount of Fat in most women

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Do not get discouraged. It is way to soon to begin to judge the results of your liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift.  You should be able to see the results much better in a few weeks. But, I agree that 150 cc of fat per side is a very small amount of fat in most women. The volumes we use vary between 450 to over 1,000 cc per cheek. Hang in there and do everything your doctor ordered you to do.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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