When is It Safe to Go Back to Normal Sitting After Fat Grafting to the Buttock?

When is It Safe to Go Back to Normal Sitting After Fat Grafting to the Buttock. For an Hour or More

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Sitting with brazillian butt lift

After Brazillian butt lift sitting is not restricted but I tell my patients to sit forward on the ischial tuberosity ( THE HARD BONE IN FRONT OF THE FAT PLACEMENT AREA) for a period of 2 weeks then no restriction

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Sitting After Buttock Fat Grafting

My patients are allowed to sit normally  following fat grafting to their buttocks (Brazilian But Lift). One of the reasons is that most of the pressure is actually placed on the bony prominence (ischial tuberosities) below where the majority of the fat is transferred to by lipoinjection. I have found no problem thus far in my patients. However, when an buttock implant is used that is a whole different story with significant restrictions early on. That is why so many of my patients opt for fat transfer rather than an implant.

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Sitting after a brazilain butt lift

My normal post-operative protocol is no sitting for 7 days, after 7 days sitting is very controlled, you may sit only on a donut type pillow and pressure must be primarily applied to the thighs and mid gluteal are, not the are of the fat transfer.

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