When Will Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Be Available in the UK?

Does anyone know when the Picosure laser will be available in UK (London/South East area)I have a large tattoo, all color black, red, green and yellow etc i want removed approx 6 x 7 inches in size and there is no way i can consider current Q switched lazers it will be too costly and time consuming. Maybe someone in the UK is looking for trial subjects? Just need it gone, even looked at multiple excision, though there would be scarring it would be quicker and less expensive in the long term?

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Picosure in UK

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Hang in there.   I believe there is a doctor from the UK looking at the Picosure right now.

I may be seeing him next week and will pass this on to him




PicoSure for multicolored tattoo in UK

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I absolutely recommend waiting for Picosure for removal of your tattoo.  Unfortunately, there are currently only 15 Picosure lasers in the world, and they are in the U.S. only.  A physician in the UK will have to step up and buy one before it will be available there.  The technology is truly revolutionary, so I'm sure someone will bring one to the UK soon.  Check the Cynosure website for updates on where the lasers are located. 

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