Vitrase to Dissolve Juvederm Under Eye and Left With Lesion. Cannot Blink or Close at Night? (photo)

I was injected with Juvederm under my left eye which looked like a lump so I requested that it be dissolved with Vitrase. I developed a lesion under the left eye which required the expertise of 2 plastic surgeons to perform a skin graft from behind my left ear and right ear. This took 2 surgeries, 1 year of treatment and lots of activity restrictions and antibiotics. My new left eye does not blink or close at night and has a constant burning sensation.

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Lesion after Juvederm

I am so tremendously sorry this happened to you. There really isn't anything else I can say about this, but I am glad you have sought proper care and I hope things will improve for you over time. I will say that I have never, ever seen anything like this, especially from an injection like Juvederm and in the eye area. I've never even seen anything like this in literature or reports from the AAD. I am so tremendously sorry it happened to you.

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Difficulty closing eyes can lead to exposure keratitis

Your experience is unfortunate, as problems of this nature after a juvederm injection are incredibly rare.  If you are unable to close the eye and can't blink well, you are at risk of the eye drying out (exposure keratitis).  The burning sensation is your eye letting you know it is getting dried out.  you need to use artificial tears as often as needed during the daytime to keep the eye moist and then use lubricating eye ointment every night. You can use the eye ointment in the day as well, but it will cause blurry vision.  I would recommend you seek consultation with an oculo-plastic surgeon in the very near future for their recommendations regarding eye care and any further interventions. Best wishes to you.

Michael Bowman, MD
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