When will my tummy be flat? Could I have damaged it by being too active? (photo)

I had a TT 8 weeks ago, the first couple weeks my tummy was flat as a board..then when my drain came out and I started being more active. I realize the activity has caused more swelling, but it seems almost flabby now, is that possible? also, I have probably lifted some things I shouldn't have, and my right side feels like I pulled a muscle or possibly busted the stiches to my muscle wall, could I have messed up my TT?

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Tummy Tuck

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It is unlikely that sutures will pop after tummy tuck, but it is not impossible. Sometimes an early scar tissue band will form motion can break or stretch the scar tissue leading to a popping sound as well.

There are two important sets of sutures in the tummy tuck. One set that tightens the abdominal wall muscles if your surgeon performed muscle tightening. The other set of sutures are the sutures that are used to close the skin.

It is more likely if a suture broke to be the Incisional sutures. The muscle tightening sutures are usually much stronger. This is usually not a worrisome problem because there are so many of them. Sometimes a plastic surgeon will use additional sutures to quilt the abdominal skin to the abdominal wall. It is also possible but unlikely that these could lead to a popping sound as well.

As the long as there is no big bulge suddenly it is probably a scar band or a single less important suture, but I would simply give a call to your plastic surgeon and make sure that he is aware of your concern. He or she will probably want to invite you in just to be checked out at the next available office hours.

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Tummy tuck 2 months out

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There is a lot of swelling for the first few weeks after surgery and then a small amount for about 3 months after surgery and the shape changes a lot during this time.  When you are active, you get swollen normally (picture after the gym when your muscles are swollen and you seem a bit bigger), and when the lymphatics are disrupted (the small vessels that drain normal swelling from your tissues) during surgery, you stay swollen longer after activity.  This gets better over time.  Best of luck!

Tummy tick results!

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I doubt that you have messed up your results by being active (its possible, but somewhat hard to do)  Most likely, what is happening is that originally, the swelling in the skin was keeping it tight, and now that the swelling is going away, the "flab" is starting to come out.  

As for the flatness, I am  not sure what to make of that.  My guess is that again, the swelling on the inside kept it straight, but now that it is also going away, it would be not as flat. That is completely a guess, though.  The only way to know for sure is to examine you.  Good luck!

Worried about tummy tuck

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See your tummy tuck surgeon to be examined. Most likely your exercise increased your swelling. But a fluid collection or muscle separation is possible. Best wishes.

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