What Should I Do when my Surgeon Did Not Fill my Whole Entire Rear in a Butt Augmentation W/fat Transfer? (photo)

My surgeon did not fill in the entire butt and I am still flat at the lower part and expressed this to him. I paid 8500 for this procedure and understand individual results vary, but seriously he put fat mostly in the "shelf" area as he called it, where you can see a hump but as you go down it is still flat. What should I do?

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Drawbacks of Buttock Augmentation

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This is one of the drawbacks of buttocks augmentation. The "take" is unpredictable as far as the amount and the area. I tell my patients that they should expect more than one procedure to acheive a desired result. I have also designed technology for the accurate placement of the fat and working to make it available to other surgeons. Please check out my web site to learn more and call my office to schedule a consultation.

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