When Will my Smile Return After Permalip Implants?

I used to always get compliments on my smile. I loved the way my mouth moved when I talked. I've had permalips for almost 3 weeks now and my face looks very unnatural when I smile or laugh. I want the fullness of my new lips but my old smile back. My lips barely move when I smile. I can't see my upper teeth like before and my mouth isn't as wide when I laugh. In fact, I look stiff and my face shakes because it's trying so hard to smile. Is this normal?

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When Will my Smile Return After Permalip Implants?

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Lip Augmentation with Lip Implants can create stiffness in the lips that subsides over several weeks.  Silastic Lip Implants or the Sline filled Gore-tex covered implants may cause more stiffness than the softer, more supple Alloderm Lip Implants which are my preferred choice.

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