When Will I Get my Perfect Vision?

I had my customised lasik a week ago.after very next day my left eye was perfect though the right one was blurry.days passed and presently my left eye blurred to some extent and right eye is almost the same.will I get my perfect vision and what's the maximum time it may take?

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Expectations for LASIK surgery

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Studies have shown that on average LASIK patients continue to have measured improvements in visual acuity even as much as a year after LASIK surgery so the maximum time for continued improvements might be quite long.  It is important to remember that LASIK provides greater freedom from glasses and contact lenses for distance vision in 99% of cases but will not produce "perfect" vision.  Expecting perfect vision might be setting yourself up for a disappointment if the correction is even slightly off.  I would not recommend LASIK to anyone who expects perfect vision.

Having said that, 99% of people are satisfied with the procedure so the vision for most people is quite good.

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