When Will my Nose Stop Swelling?

I am 5 and a half weeks post op and I often feel my nose swell up during the day. After I go for a walk, exercise, blow my nose, or even at random times I can feel my nose swell up like a balloon. In addition it tingles and twitches at times. When will my nose feel normal again so that I don't have to worry about these sensations? Thanks!

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Fluctuation of swellling of the nose after a rhinoplasty

You may experience some fluctuation of swelling of your nasal tip for up to 6 months following a rhinoplasty. Your experience sounds very normal.  I would expect that in the morning your nose is soft and during the day it gets progressively more swollen and possibly more tender.  This will eventually settle down to normal. 

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Swelling may persist for months after rhinoplasty.

Desolating swelling of the tip is not uncommon after rhinoplasty. This may go on for several months before final resolution.

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