When Will my Nose Stop Being So Runny? 1 Week After Rhinoplasty

My nose has been quite runny so I have been cleaning with cotton tips for the last week, but the nurses told me to minimise this. Could you tell me when will this stop? Also, have I done some kind of damage to my nose by cleaning so much with the cotton tips. I haven't been putting them up very high.

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"Runny" Nose 1 Week after Rhinoplasty

Nasal drainage can persist 1 week after rhinoplasty. Technique is important when you clean the nose with q-tips at this time. Make sure you closely follow the instructions of your surgeon. Your surgeon can examine you and then clarify your post-op routine and condition. 

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One week post op septorhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is normal to have a "runny" nose. Sometimes you have a feeling of the nose running as well and it is not. Either way this goes away quickly and you should feel improvement daily. See your surgeon and discuss your concerns and he/she will be able to further access you. Best regards!

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