When will my eyes feel more comfortable after a canthopexy with bone fixation ?

Hello, I had canthopexy where holes were drilled on the orbital socket by my eyes and titanium wires were placed 3 months ago and although my eyes have drooped down I can still feel the wires and a pulling sensation in my eyes. I was wondering when and if this will go away? Thank you for your time!

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You poor thing.

I have just looked through all your posts. It is very improbable you need to have a wired canthopexy through a drill hole. These are generally reserved for post trauma situations. I personally think they are just awful. The problem is that getting a lateral canthal right generally requires that the patient be awake enough to open and close the eyes. This is done with sutures and heals beautifully, For the drill hole, it is impossible to adjust so typically the surgoen does this while the patient is asleep and there is no finesse possible with the placement of the corner. There are other issues as well related to over tightening, but these tend to be more surgeon specific. It is my experience that some of the symptoms can be caused by the lower eyelid not sitting precisely against the eye and this causes drying. Unfortunately, surgical repair is often necessary.

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Significant lower eyelid surgery may take several months to get over.

by three months most patients feel pretty comparable after lower lid reposition surgery.your specific complaints should be addressed to your own surgeon.

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