I am an 18 year old female with moderate acne. When will my dermatologist start prescribing Accutane?

I'm an 18 y/o female and have had moderate acne since I was about 13 . I get cystic pimples once in a while but have new breakouts all the time, rarely have a period of time with no breakouts. My derm, however, keeps prescribing Retin A Micro Gel but I find it does not do anything. I would like to go on Accutane. Do I require a high dosage, seeing as my acne isn't too severe? And do I have to take it with birth control even though I'm not sexually active?

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To use Accutane

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To answer your question:
. 1 - oral isotretinoin can be prescribed when :
a) lack of response to treatment
b) leaving marks or acne scars this
c) when the topic is not indicated tratmiento
d) acne associated with other processes
e) moderate acne
f) cystic acne
g) when the physician considers it prudent for difficulty of adherence to topical treatments
. 2 - Do not require "high doses". Require "adequate" dose to your individual characteristics
. 3 - Is controversial contraceptive use in women who are not sexually active and take isotretinoin. The rule that you should always mark prescribing. However, in well-selected patients understand the risk of pregnancy if they are taking isotretinoin, the doctor may do a paper for her firm commitment not any sexual activity while under treatment.

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Accutane in an 18 year old

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Accutane should be reserved for the most difficult to treat acne, often referred to as recalcitrant. It is an excellent medication but must be used with caution and experience given the real and serious risks and issues surrounding it.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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