When my Braces Are Off, Will They Slightly Shave my Front Teeth into a Perfect Shape? (photo)

Firstly, my two front teeth: One in my eyes is the perfect shape (strait bottem no chips) but the one next to it has a curved bottom and a small chip out the corner and it is noticible.. Secondly, the two teeth one ether side of my to my fronts, they're all jaggerd at the bottom to ! I was wondering If an Orthodontist, if asked, slightly shave the bottoms into a nice shape? Thanks !! x

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Very good question.   I would definitely recommend having the edges of these teeth reshaped and do this on a lot of my patients.  Mother nature can be a bit casual about giving us "perfectly" shaped teeth.  DO talk to your orthodontist about it at your next visit.  Some of the "jaggered" look is from the developmental segments of each tooth as they are formed and are called mamelons.  They very often can benefit from some mild reshaping.  The orthodontist will likely check the root positions first on a panoramic x-ray to see where they are before reshaping.

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