when do you massage incisions after face lift and what cream do you use?

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Massage of facelift incision

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You need to check with your surgeon about this.  I have my patients start massage once the wound seems secure.  If people have a nice scar it is not necessary to massage.  If it is a little irregular I have them use a moisturizer or Vaseline.  If it seems inflamed, they can use a steroid cream. 

Do not massage incisions after a facelift.

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In my opinion massaging of incisions is contraindicated after any operation. Massaging increases histamine release in the tissues that will increased swellingAnd ultimately scarring.

When your surgeon tells you to massage....

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Most facelift incisions do not need massage.  Also, massage is designed to loosen and think scar tissue.  If the wounds look fine and are not too thick, massage can actually hurt the outcome of the surgery. For this sort of question, you really should consult your surgeon. 

Massaging incisions after facelift

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I usually do not have my patient's massage their incision lines after  facelift. The incision lines typically heal very nicely without any manipulation. In the rare case that you have some thickening of the scar along the incision line that does not resolve as quickly as I like to see I will inject some steroid into it to try and facilitate the healing process.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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