When You Get Liposuction for Your Tummy, Are Lovehandles Included?

I would like to get liposuction on three areas my stomach,love handles and upper arms but I was wondering is love handles and stomach the same or extra charges? also If I get liposuction ( all them included) and breast reduction all at once would it be cheaper?

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That depends on the surgeon and your discussions with him or her. I usually include the love handles with the tummy and charge less for each additional area than I would for the additional areas by themselves. Even if the surgeon bundles tummy and love handles your operating time will be more and you will have to pay the extra costs on those aspects of the surgery.

It is important that you do not base your decision on choosing a surgeon solely or mostly on how they bundle the liposuction fees. If you get a bad result or complication the resulting costs to you could make the original pricing differences surgeons much less important.

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