When I Lift Weights I Can Feel my Pecs Contracting. Will That Feeling Ever Go Away?

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I had submuscle gel implants inserted in the nipple. The doctor gave me the ok to start working out. Today, I did, but after doing 1 excerise I freaked out. I actually left my pecs contracting. It wasn't painful, but felt awful. Is that normal? I am not a body builder but I do lift weights as part of my work out routine. Will I ALWAYS feel my pecs contracting when I lift weights? Will that ever go away? Should I wait longer before lifting?

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Pecs contracting following breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. What you are feeling is normal. You may also notice the implant moves when the pec contracts. This is called animation deformity and is related to the sub muscular placement of the implants. As long as the breast is soft and the feel is the same in both breast you should not worry about it. I also advise you to communicate your concern with your plastic surgeon. 

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