When Will This Laser-Induced Acne Go Away?

My full face Mixto CO2 results SUCK & at 2 months--getting worse. No improvements to original issues + I'm BREAKING OUT SEVERELY in ways I have never seen. Pre-laser, i didn't have active acne--just dark spots + cheek scars. This is my 1st laser & the acne was immediate. I'm now covered in big painful zits, NEW marks/scars & producing TONS more oil. For the past month I've been on antibiotics+androgen blockers to help but it just seems to get worse...DEPRESSING!

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Laser induced acne is likely a result of the healing balms used

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The increased acne you are reporting is usually due to the thick ointment used for the early healing process. You may do well to consider a short course of antibiotics and microdermabrasions or light chemical peels to break the cycle.

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