When Will Juvederm Definitely Leave Your Body?

I know it's impossible to say exactly when jurvedeerm will wear off but is guaranteed to leave eventually? And if so when will it definitely be gone? Have there ever been any cases of it lasting longer then a year in the lips? My nurse GROSSLY over filled my top lip :-( so much that my mum shreaked and burst into tears when she saw me!!! I had it reversed but she only put in a little to bring it down and it looks ok! Good infact but I really miss my old mouth after everything :-(

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Juvederm duration

The answer varies from person to person.  Juvederm is slowly broken down by the body.  But I would say the results last between 6-10 months.

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When will Juvederm definitely leave your body?

The Juvederm is not permanent, and will eventually disappear. It lasts 6-8 months on average, and sometimes longer depending on the patient and the location of the injections. How long ago was your treatment? Swelling following lip augmentation with filler can influence the appearance of your result, and typically settles down within 2 weeks of your treatment. If too much filler was injected, any excess filler can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. I hope this helps, and I wish  you the best of luck.

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When Will Juvederm Definitely Leave Your Body?

Give it a full year for your body to metabolize Juvederm, although it can last longer or shorter for some patients. You can always go back to your medical provider to have more hyaluronidase injected to dissolve this product. 

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Juvederm injection in lips

Yes, Juvederm will eventually be broken down by your body.  You can expect the Juvederm to last between 9-12months. Of course every person is different however if you are still unhappy with your results you may want to consider returning to the nurse who performed your initial injection to see if injecting more Hyaluronidase to break down the Juvederm would be an option.  Good Luck to you.

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