When is It Safe to Receive Juvaderm Injections After Sculptra?

Im interested in getting Juvaderm injections to restore sunken cheeks to obtain fullness/volume. I had one session of Sculptra 6.5 weeks ago. I have not had any adverse effects so far. Still, i am very fearful of undergoing a second session of Sculptra after reading so many complain of delayed side effects (lumps). I have since learned that I can restore volume with Juvaderm, and prefer to augment my one & only session of Sculptra with Juvaderm. Is it safe to do this post sculptra, and if so, when? Thanks in advance. My Sculptra dr. does not offer Juvaderm.

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Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Evolence; Take Your Pick

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Sculptra, Juvederm, Restyalne, Radiesse, Evolence: we are living during a great cosmetic time as there are many choices in the realm of aesthetic fillers. Each cosmetic surgeon will chose their favorite in discussion to your individual complaints. Sculptra works wonderfully for filling and contouring large areas but more than one session is necessary. It also has the added benefit of providing a radiant glow to the skin of many patients.

I understand your concern of bumps but this can occur with any filler. Some of the problems that occurred with Sculptra were related to poor placement of the solution and inadequate dilution (more fluid was necessary).

For those patients who do not want to wait for the results of Sculptra all of the other fillers can be used. Currently I like Radiesse best for this area. I place it through them mouth to fill the cheeks. My patients are very comfortable and have minimal swelling after. There are some excellent physicians in Chicago who should be able to address your concerns or feel free to hop on over to Detroit.

Six weeks post Sculptra injection, you can have another filler placed at this time. Many times I place multiple fillers all at the same time.

Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Sculptra & Juvederm Safe Together

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It is perfectly safe to use Juvederm following a session of Sculptra.  We use both products regularly together.  Remember, Juvederm provides a quick fix with a shorter life span, whereas Sculptra provides delayed gratification with long lasting results.  Both have their "listed" complications, but generally they are few and far between.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra can be combined with other fillers

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Many of the past concerns r.e. Sculptra have been resolved with the recent release of "Sculptra Aesthetic".

  • The price has been reduced by almost 1/3 which makes it the most cost effective volumizer in our practice
  • Injectors must have completed a training course which is very targeted and includes hands on training before they are certified. It is sponsored by Sculptra Aesthetic and not by outside trainers.
  • In order to have the company provide you with the material you must be either a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist

Sculptra is a "stimulatory" filler which means it takes time to see the results, but it also is the longest lasting of the temporary fillers.

Our present routines are that we use it as part of our liquid lift combining it with Juvederm for the lips, Restylane for the lids and Botox for the forehead and area of wrinkles about the lids.

There is not yet a perfect filler that is best for all areas and all patients. Your injector should be able to choose from the wide group that is now available to find a style that best suites you.

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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