I'm 1 Month Post-Op BA, When Will Implants Drop?

I have recently gotten 460cc HP under the muscle filled to 550cc. I am 4 weeks post op today, and the top of the implants are about 1 inch from my collar bone, and still very painful. When will they drop?

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Typically at 4 weeks most patients’ implants have begun to drop and the pain should be minimal but every patient heals differently and so every recovery is different.  Without a physical exam it is difficult to give you an definitive opinion as to what is causing your symptoms but based on what information you’ve provided in my experience you could possibly be experiencing a common post operative complication called capsular contracture.  When a patient develops capsular contracture the implant cannot drop due to the capsule that the body has created around the implant.  This can cause an implant to rise in the chest wall.  The implant can also feel hard and some patients do complain about pain and sensitivity in the breasts.  The only definitive treatment for capsular contracture is to perform a surgical procedure called a capsulectomy.  There is no way to prevent capsular contracture and there is no way to predict who will develop capsular contracture.  I highly recommend that you schedule time with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to be evaluated for any possible complications.

Be well and good luck!


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Are My Implanats Malpositioned?

To answer your questions intelligently, I have to ask you so many questions: (1) route of entry - armpit, inframammary, periareolar; (2) level of pain; (3) a photograph would be very useful.  The correct answer at this point is that you should go back and see your plastic surgeon who knows the answer to all the questions above and who can also do a face to face with you. 

That being said, if you can feel the implant firmness at the bottom of your breasts, and if your pocket was dissected sufficiently, then more than likely the skin of your lower breasts will stretch out with time allowing the fluid to drop.  To aid this process, I would wear an ace wrap above the breast implants to push them down and to give a little pressure to distend or relax the lower breast pocket more rapidly.  Before you do this, please consult with your plastic surgeon.

Implant drop

Your implants seems quite high to me.  I hope that you are in touch with your surgeon to keep a close eye on the implant position.  It can sometimes take 3-4 months for them to drop but to a large extent it depends on the pocket dissection and swelling in the soft tissue which is contributing to the implants being high now. Good luck

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Breast implants are an inch from the collar bone

The implant should be positioned within the breast envelope, and centered on the nipple for a natural result. Implants drop when the skin in the lower pole of the breast relaxes and the implant settles in with the projection point at the level of the nipple. An implant that is an inch from the collar bone seems like an incredably large base diameter for the breast, or the implant is not where it should be. See your surgeon.

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Implant position

Given that you still report pain, it's difficult to know whether this is from continued swelling and how long it will take for the implants to drop. I'd recommend that you continue to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. It may take several more months for the implants to reach a more acceptable position.

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Implant position

It sounds like your implants are quite high.  Usually it takes a few months for the implants to drop.  If concerned discuss this with your doctor.

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When Will Breast Implants Drop?

Thank you for the question.

For the most precise advise it is best to follow up with your plastic surgeon. This is especially true given that you state that your breasts remain “very painful” one month after breast augmentation (this is generally not the case for most patients).

Generally speaking, breast implants may take several months to fully settle/drop.  Your plastic surgeon may advise massage to help with the process of breast implant settling.

I hope this helps.

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