When Will IDEAL Brand Implant Be Out?

Heard it has been in testing and waiting FDA approval. Any clue as to when? This year or 10 years?

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Ideal Implant Awaiting FDA Approval

You are correct, the IDEAL implant is still awaiting FDA approval.  This process can be very time consuming, but according to recent reports the IDEAL implant is scheduled for approval later this year.  Other brands of saline implants are already FDA approved and therefore, it is unlikely that the FDA will delay the approval of the IDEAL implant.  Unlike silicone implants, which the FDA has taken much longer to assess, IDEAL implants are saline and should enjoy a quicker approval process, but with the FDA we can never be certain.

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Ideal Breast Implants

Ideally, they will be out this year.  However, this is unknown until it actually happens.  The FDA process arduous but necessary.  All current implants available by the three manufacturers (Allergan, Mentor, Sientra) offer excellent choices for nearly all patients.

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FDA approval of new breast implant

The FDA works on its own timetable and is not accountable to anyone so your guess is as good as mine. I must say, however, that Mentor and Allergan both have extensive implant lines, silicone and saline, which have been used successfully, subjected to countless clinical trials and work well so I wouldn't rush to try the next greatest thing.

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When Will IDEAL Brand Implant Be Out?

"This year or 10 years" is about as accurate an answer as there is. Their timing is their own, and they will not comment. Typically the companies are told by the FDA not to comment, although they are just as much in the dark as anyone else is. The two major US manufacturers have products ready to ship, with studies completed and submitted several years ago, and no one knows when. 

All I can say is when they are out you will know.

Thanks and best wishes.


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