When Can I Expect my Nose to Function the Way It Will for the Rest of my Life?

Hello, I had a closed septorhinoplasty just two weeks ago. I'm still having trouble breathing and waking up at night because of a dry mouth. I'm worried if this will be the case permanently. Also, in one nostril that was pinched in more than the other I can see that it is partially blocked by the inner skin. Will this skin fall off or shrink to make more space for breathing? Thank you

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Breathing Difficulty After Rhinoplasty

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It takes one month for 50% of the swelling to resolve, 3 months for 75%, and one year for the final result. Your breathing should also get better with the resolution of the swelling. 

Consult your surgeon for advice and guidance. In my practice, I would recommend blowing your nose in the shower where the steam loosens up the mucous, try intranasal saline sprays, take a decongestant, and clean your nose with a Q tip and warm water. If necessary,have your surgeon more aggressively clean the inside of your nasal passageways. If you have forced air for heat, you may be getting dry because of your heat. Try a humidifier at night.

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