When Will Dark Circles Under Eyes Subside After 40 Days of Fat Injection? (photo)

I did fat injection under my eyes and to my cheeks 40 days ago .So far my cheeks look fuller but i am still worried about the dark circles which i was left with after the bruises subsided.I went to my doctor and told him my worries he prescribed hydroquinone to use at night .i am using this medication for one week now and no result. I feel i have reached to a stable stage where there is hardly any improvement .Plz how long before these diagonal shadows disappear? I am worried....

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Hemosiderin Deposits after Fat Grafting at 40 Days

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    These probably represent hemosiderin deposits, which will likely improve over a few month period.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Dark circles under the eyes

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Dear Sarine,

  • How far out from pregnancy are you (I saw the tag)? Hormones from pregnancy can cause hyperpigmentation
  • Did you have any dark circles before surgery?
  • Is it getting any better (even a little bit)?
  • Also you still look a little swollen so it may get better
  • It may be due to what is called hemosiderin deposits (like a prolonged bruise) that the body needs to eat up and dispose of
  • This can take more time if it is the case
  • A laser may help speed up healing around the eyes to break up the hemosiderin

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Nima Shemirani

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