When Can I Do CrossFit Excercising After Eyelid and Under the Eye Surgery?

I do very hard strenuous crossfit type of excercise. How long do I need to wait after eyelid and under my eyes surgery to get back to crossfit?? I was told 6 weeks, but that seems a little excessive waiting to me. I have read some other reviews and people seem to go back in 3 weeks. Please tell me what you think. This type of excercising is heavy lifting and crazy stuff. thanks

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Listen to your surgeon

It's best to listen to your surgeon. Crossfit is quite vigorous and you should be recovered well before starting it again.

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When can you resume heavy exercise after eyelid surgery

After eyelid surgery including upper or lower blepharoplasty, heavy exercise (anything that will significantly elevate your blood pressure or heart rate) for some time to prevent bleeding in the area of the surgery.

You should certainly follow the advice of your surgeon.

For my patients, I recommend avoiding heavy exercise for two to three weeks, but if the exercise is as heavy as you are suggesting, perhaps one month would be more prudent.

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Exercise after Eyelid Surgery

After eyelid surgery, I recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 6 weeks following surgery.  Returning to strenuous activity too quickly can significantly increase your risk of delayed bleeding, and also may prolong swelling.


When in doubt, it is always advisable to follow the recommendations of your doctor.


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In our office we tell our patients 6-8 weeks. You don’t want to stir up bleeding specially after eye surgery it’s very sensitive in that area. I would follow your Doctors instructions.


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When Can I Do CrossFit Excercising After Eyelid and Under the Eye Surgery?

3 weeks should be enough in majority of cases but not all wounds heal the same and is patient dependent. Also, you may have to comply with your surgeon's way of doing things.

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