When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated Via This Route?

My surgeon told me I may not need a revision face lift as he thinks the coronal lift will cause my face to shift and rearrange itself to address areas of concern(from prior face lift) in the mid and lower face. Could you please explain or elaborate. What areas of the face can be manipulated via this route and technique?

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When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated Via This Route?

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 I humbly disagree.  A Coronal Brow Lift is great at lifting the eyebrows, which is what it's meant to do.  Using it to lift the face would result in a surprised, joker look IMHO.  Be sure the plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you select, for your Brow Lift and Face Lift understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  

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Recommendation for coronal brow lift/technique after facelift

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A true coronal browlift is meant to address the brow/temporal region, which is above the midface and lower face, so it is not intended to address those lower areas.  That being said, bringing the incision lower down to the area of a traditional facelift incision can help in the middle face to some extent. Generally you would need a "traditional" facelift technique to address both the midface and jowl/neck regions.  Since you need "revision" work (it sounds like) it is best to discuss your particular concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Everyone is different, and previous surgery certainly makes each case different. Best of luck to you.  

When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated

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A coronal brow lift has basically no effect below the cheek bones. However, if indicated, it is fairly easy to get an excellent midface lift with a little neck improvement through the browlift approach by using a device called an endotine. It is not a difficult procedure and ads only a few minutes to the case. You do need to find someone experienced in its use however. Without that device it turns into a much more difficult operation.

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Coronal brow and affect on face

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As always photos would make it easier to answer the question but with that said a coronal brow lift or for that matter an endoscopic brow lift (EBL) can have a powerfull affect on the upper third of the face with some affects seen I the upper cheeks

this is only true if the dissection is taken down into the temple region 

this can be done well with a coronal 

It an be done well with an EBL too but requires experience and training as it isless direct.  When done with an EBL a 5 port approach is helpful (and this is not standard).  But the lateral placed access ports permit dissection down to the temple tissues

when the forhead tissues are elevated the temple tissues are too and this can elevate the upper cheek via their attachments to the temple (via the continuous smas-tpf sheet-like netting of tissue)

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What area of the face is affected by a coronal brow lift.

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Coronal brow lift is not practiced as commonly since the advent of endoscopic brow lift. It is more invasive however it remains an effective procedure. I usually individualize the brow lift to the patient's needs, but most often the brow lift affects the lateral brow and the temporal area. I don't think the brow lift could improve the lower face and jowls.

Changing Mid and Lower Face with a Coronal Brow Lift

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The mid face (the area in front of the ear) and the lower face is not changed with any type of brow lift. Even if there is some improvement in these 2 areas it will be temporary.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated Via This Route?

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When performing any kind of Forehead lift, a surgeon can manipulate the midface and temporal area. The lower face cannot be pulled from a temporal incision, unless a pre-auricular incision is made.



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Coronal brow lift to improve a face lift

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By coronal brow lift I assume you mean a brow lift using a long scar behind the hair line.

  1. This operation by itself will not shift and rearrange the lower face. 
  2. This brow lift can be extended into a prior face lift incision to redo the face lift.
  3. It can without extending the incision, lift the cheek a little, even the mid-face.
  4. It is not the usual corrective procedure for an unsatisfactory face lift.
  • Ask your surgeon to clarify exactly what he means. Consider a second opinion before surgery from a Board Certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery.

Browlift doesn't change midface or lower face

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A browlift does not change the position of the midface or lower face. The midface may be accessed though a browlift incision.

What your surgeon may be alluding to, is that the upper face and the midface/lower face need to be in "harmony" to achieve the ideal aesthetic result. That is, if you rejuvenate the upper face [brow], and do nothing to the lower 2/3 of the face, then the upper and lower parts would not be in harmony, and the ideal rejuvenation may not be achieved.


Good luck

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Open coronal brow lift and revision of face lift

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Through open coronal eyebrow lift, without using endoscopical approaches, the surgeon has only access to the temporal area of the face . Contouring of the neck area or any revision is not possible. Some improvement can be achieved in the temporal area with minimal improvement in the mid face. Other ancillary surgeries such as suspention with " thread wires/lift " with limited improvement in the lower face could be achieved.

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