Cool Lipo - when is It Most Effective?

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Please carefully evaluate all pre- and post-photos of...

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Please carefully evaluate all pre- and post-photos of liposuction patients, whether using Cool Lipo or any other technique. Be realistic about your own skin and its elasticity because this is the most important determinant of the result you will get other than the skills of your surgeon.

I am particularly unimpressed by the photos of necks and abdomens where there is clearly too much skin laxity to get a nice result. These patients would have a much better result by a properly done surgical procedure such as a cheek and neck lift or a tummy tuck.

Be sure your MD can do all types of procedures so you can get the one which is right for you, not just the only one they know how to perform!

The use of a laser when performing liposculpture...

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The use of a laser when performing liposculpture enhances the result of the liposculpture procedure. The Cool Lipo system aids in contracting skin from the treated area. This is particularly useful for skin under the arms, as well as the lower abdomen and above the knees. Rarely, the Cool Lipo can be used alone without liposculpture when skin contaction alone is needed.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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