When Should Someone Consult a Physician Regarding Pain After a Breast Reduction?

Some pain is normal to have after a breast reduction surgery and one shouldn't be surprised that it hurts to cough or sneeze, but how much pain is a sign of something else?

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Breast reduction and pain

It is very hard to tell patients when the pain is a problem and could be something more serious. One potential pain issue is when there is significant differences between the two breasts and the same breast appears to be much larger than the other one.  This can suggest a hematoma. The best thing to do is to follow closely with yoru surgeon.

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Pain after breast reduction

Postoperative pain is certainly normal and everyone experiences pain differently. Issues for concern in breast reduction would include excessive and prurulent drainage, red streaking on the breasts, fever, chills, blackening of the nipples, etc. If you have any such concerns, see your plastic surgeon immediately. If you have pain that is not being well covered by medication prescribed by your surgeon, then you should speak to him as well to ascertain the source of the pain and whether alternate medication would be more suitable.

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Pain after Breast Reduction

Thank you for your question.  Yes, after any surgery you will experience some pain.  It's difficult to know if it's "normal" without examining you. I would suggest that if you have concerns, to go in and see your surgeon to make sure that all is well.  Best Wishes!



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Pain After Breast Reduction

It is normal to have some pain after a reduction mammaplasty for a number of months but you should always let your surgeon know of your concerns so he can let you know if there is a problem or more commonly that it is normal and will resolve.

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