When Should a Breast Lift Be Done at Time of Expander or Implant?

Hello, I have had a unilateral Mastectomy Right side. My current breast, Left side is a size B. I would like to go a little bigger to possibly a C with reconstruction and implants. I am undecided which is the best method as a few PS reccomend doing a breast lift at the time of the expander and another PS says to wait till the switch out for implants and do it then as I do not know my size. I also have been told that doing a lift at the same time as implants causes capsular contraction.

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Breast reconstruction

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There is no specific way that the implant and lift need to be done. Some do it at the same time, some opt to wait and see how the implant settles on the reconstructed side.

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There is no general rule and your plastic surgeon should go over the options. Sometimes you can do the lift simultaneously and save yourself another surgery at the price of a bit less predictability. Simultaneous lift and implants do not cause increase capsular contracture but might increase risk of healing problems if not planed carefully.


Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Lift at time of expander or implant.

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The tissue will change during the expansion, therefore it is better to wait until the final implant is placed to determine if and how much of a lift you might require. 

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