When Doing a Brazilian Butt Lift is There a Set Price for That on Top of Lipo, or is Lipo Included?

Just curious as to when doing a bbl does that price include the lipo to harvest the fat or am I adding more for the areas liposuctioned? And if it includes lipo, what areas would that be?

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BBL Lipo areas and price?

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Every surgeon is different, we include a standard amount of lipo with our BBL, if more is desired it is priced accordingly, but traditionally we address the entire back/flank and thigh region. Good luck.

Cost of BBL

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The cost of Brazilian Butt lift depends on the estimated surgical time and the number of areas that liposuction will need to be performed on.  The cost and breakdown will be different at every practice.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hello Dhp

Brazilian Butt Lift is a three part surgery

Liposuction, where fat is harvested from areas where fat is abundant and not wanted.. One can remove the fat without attention to the complete removal of fat and the aesthetic look.

On the other hand fat is removed fron areas where there is a lot of fat which is not wanted and do a complete cosmetic type of liposuction. Liposuction is also removed fron areas where if removed will enhance the buttock look and cosmetics. This is labor intensive and concentrate on body contouring type of liposuctoion.

After harvesting the fat, that fat is processed to remove the fluid and oils to get as much a pure fat as possible so as to assure the fat cells are alive and have a better chance at staying alive and have a chance to stay for long time.

The third part is to transfer the fat to the areas of the buttock that needs it and where the patient and doctor feel is needed to get the cosmetic result the patient desires. This is done by injecting the fat in small volume and in three dimentional layering for the fat to have a better chance to stay and acquire blood supply to stay a long time .

Whatever the price you are given should include all these three steps and stress the cosmetic body shape that can be achieved, and assure fat survival on the long run

These processes are time consuming and expertise dependant. Surgery can take 4-6 hours. One can take short cuts and decrease the operative time and thus be cheaper, but the results may not be optimal. Cutting corners are the most common cause the fat does not stay and patients are disappointed. Doctors may market short time surgery to attract patients and cut the price which every one of us want to pay less for anything we buy.But the ultimate goal should be thoroughness and honosty with the patients as to what can be achieved and what can not be achieved.

Cost hs to be realistic as well, and fair for both the patient and the doctor. How muc liposuction and how many areas are suctione or need liposuction will dtermine the cost to achieve the cosmetic result in the buttocks and the body shape and contouring.

Many self designating "specialists' are doing liposuction and fat injections with no or little knowledge of the art of body contouring.

I, as many Board Certified Plastic Surgeons(American Board Of Plastic surgery) have seen disasters from here in the US and thailand and Latin america which is very difficult to correct and very expensive to correct. Because of the inexperience of the surgeon and staff without regard to cosmetics or safety of the patient

My staff include a Board certified anesthesiologist (for your safety) and an RN and certified surgical tech. You can not compromise o the expertise of the staff as well. A complete history and physical examination by your family physician and complete blood work, EKG and clearance by your physician and our anesthesiologist and muself. Our consultation is atleast two hours with me  and atleast another consultation prior to surgery, sometimes a third consult all with the doctor. All follow up is done by the doctor, Myself,. you have access to me office number, home number to assure your satisfaction and continued careby the physician

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Buttock Lift prices

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Each surgeon determines the price for procedures differently, so I can only comment about how I determine MY prices.  We charge a standard fee for Brazilian Butt Lift and this includes all liposuction that is needed to harvest enough fat to get the result you want.  In many situations, my patients request additional areas of liposuction because they are already having a procedure and it offers them an opportunity to take care of another "problem area", even though this fat is not really needed for the BBL.  In this case, we charge a small additional fee for this added area of liposuction. Again, all surgeons determine prices differently. Some surgeons charge per area of liposuction and then add an additional fee to inject the harvested fat. 

Brazilian Butt Lift areas liposuctioned

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The amount and areas of fat liposuctioned for the BBL depends on how much fat that you have available and how big a butt that you want to end up with.

I am sure that many Plastic Surgeons price it in their own way.

Depending on the amount of fat that you have one or two areas may be sufficient to harvest enough fat for grafting.  In this case other areas would likely be charged in addition.


Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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