What to Do when Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Ar Reluctant in Showing Before/after Pictures of Rhinoplasty of Their Patients?

I want to get secondary rhino in pakistan and met two experienced board certified surgeons who have previously worked in the U.S but are reluctant in showing pictures. One says that their patients doesn't want their pictures to be seen so he showed me only two pictures. I understand Pakistan is a conservative society. What should one do in this situation?

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Reluctance to show before and after nose pictures

Whenever a surgeon is reluctant to show before and after photos, it is either because they don't have enough good results to show or they don't do enough of that particular procedure.  Surgeons are always able to get patients to allow photos to be shown to prospective patients but not for publishing purposes.  You should continue to look for a surgeon that has the experience and can thus show you before and after photos.  For Rhinopladty it is crucial to find a surgeon that performs at least 50 Rhinoplasties a year.

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Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

  There are many factors are go into  choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon such as   board certification, ratings  and reviews, experience,and their photo gallery.  Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most the most difficult of plastic surgery procedures, and a specialist who has performed  thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries is extremely important to find. Most busy rhinoplasty surgeons have an extensive photo  gallery either on the website, or they can show in the office at the time of the consultation

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What to Do when Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Ar Reluctant in Showing Before/after Pictures of Rhinoplasty of Their Patients?

Greetings, thanks for your question, I can answer that before and after photographs are only a tool used to publicize our work and inspire confidence in patients (They are mainly an important element of the clinical history of each patient and  for medical-legal aspect ), but this is not the most important aspect for choosing a plastic surgeon, the most important is the confidence in the   surgeon, and in this order is relevant to know  the surgeon credentials, their training and experience.

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