Juvederm Reaction - When Will This Go Away?

I had Juvaderm fillers in late July and an early Ausgut touch up of 2011. Within a few weeks I had a reaction on both sides of my face at the injection sites. The left side went away within a month, but the right side is still irritated and angry looking with some itching and now scaly red leathery appearance to the skin. I have had the reverse injections of hyurluronaise and also been treated with numersous topical steriods,plus injections of steroids and the like. Nothing's helped? Now what?

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Juvederm reaction

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This is very unusual.  The leathery appearance you describe is sometimes due to a process called lichenification which is something that happens to the skin when it is chronically irritated and inflamed.  It can take a long time to resolve so I am wondering if perhaps you have not been treated aggressively enough or if perhaps you have developed a reaction to something you are being treated with.  Please seek the advice of a board certified dermatologist.  Make sure to bring copies of your photos, medical records and any prescriptions you have already tried.  Best to you.



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