When to Apply Ointment & Moisturizer and Which One?

hello Realself ! Recently undergon suturing on my forehead for 3 of my old scars frm small cuts. size of scars was 1st-10mm, 2nd-7mm & 3-5mm(al horizontl alng d crease lines of forehead).Doc removed al d sutures aftr 6days except 1sutur whic was removd aftr nother 3days.now he says i shud aply bandages(witout moisturizer/ointment)on my scars by raising my eyebrws fr nother 12 days so tat d scar remains thin.and l8r apply a cream wit silicon content.treatment going in right direction?pls advice??

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Recovery after forehead scar revision

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Surgical scar revision on the forehead is common.  I have my patients apply steri strips for extended periods of time after the surgery to prevent dehiscence of the scar. 

Treatment after surgery

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I ask my patients to apply bacitracin ointment to the sutures while they are in. They need to avoid sunlight for months 

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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