When Will Abdomen Swelling Subside After Tumescent/laser Lipo?

I just had tumescent and laser lipo 4 days ago and my abdomen is swollen. Although the top is flat the bottom is rounder and I can't close my old jeans/pants even with the compression garment. Is this normal?

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Swelling after tumescent liposuction

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Most of the swelling will be gone in 2-3 weeks, but some firmness can last for a couple of months. You can assess your results at about the three or four month mark. You can try massaging the area with your surgeon's advice.

Please follow your surgeon's post-surgery care instructions to facilitate your recovery.

When Will Abdomen Swelling Subside After Tumescent/laser Lipo?

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At 4 days it is still normal to be swollen.  While the amount of swelling varies from person to person, there are some people that swell enough that their pre lipo pants may not close.  You should start seeing a lot of the initial swelling come down in 10 - 14 days and the rest will go away gradually over a course of several months.

Laser liposuction

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yes, thats very normal, with tumscent and laser liposuction, a lot of fluids got injected in the area indicated for the liposuction. It takes up to two weeks for the fluids and oedema to subsides and even after that up to two weeks to start seeing an improvement in the body shape.My advice to cont wearing the garments and make sure its tight enough, but not strangulating to avoid any later collections, which is very coomon with laser liposuction.

take care.

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon

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