Can They Ever Be Normal? I Have Two Very Uneven Breasts?

my breasts are two like every other one except that the size difference to almost 3 cup sizes different from a large c on the left to a ddd on the right. I suffer from horriable neck and upper back pain and unsightly rashes that occurr under them. Please can a reduction make them closer to the same size I am tired of special ordering bras. I am 5'3" and 294 lbs.

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Breast Reduction to Improve Breast Symmetry?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, it sounds like breast reduction surgery may be very helpful in improving the symmetry of your breasts. You will be best off (for many reasons) having this operation when you have achieved a long-term stable weight.

 When the time is right, seek consultation with board certified plastic surgeons. Ask to see lots of examples their work.

Best wishes. 

Breast Reductions for Asymmetry

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Breast reductions are performed all the time for volume and shape asymmetries. With proper documentation, insurance companies usually cover some or all of the costs for surgery. It's best to undergo an evaluation by a plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for surgery.

Thank you for your question and best of luck!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 174 reviews

Uneven Breasts

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It sounds like you area good candidate for a left sided reduction

A photograph would be helpful

Hilton Becker, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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