1" (or slightly larger) lipoma on my forehead?

I just had a consultation with a plastic surgeon today. He stated that to remove it, I can either have an incision made over the bump or a longer (2.5") incision on top of it (close to the scalp). The incision over it will ensure that the entire mass will/can be removed, but the incision on top will be better visually since it'll be higher up. He also stated that I might have permanent numbness in a certain of my scalp because a nerve runs up from the brow through the bump. ~45 minute procedure.

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I would suggest minimizing the size and length of the incision. Most lipomas can be removed with small incisions. 


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#Lipoma - 1" lipoma on my forehead?

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It's hard to assess without at least a photo (and an in-person consultation is necessary for a full and complete evaluation).  In general, a very small and barely noticeable incision can be made directly over the mass, through which it can be removed relatively simply.  Working from farther away, while tempting because of the "hidden" scar, can actually be counter-productive since the lipoma is usually deep to the frontalis muscle.  Trying to "get" there from too far away can damage the muscle and cause scarring that, at least in theory, could be more noticeable than a well-planned and healed incision right over the lipoma.  Which is what I would normally recommend.  I hope that this helps and good luck, Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

1'' lipoma on my forehead?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  It is difficult to offer definite recommendations without a full series of photographs but the options your surgeon gave you are reasonable approaches.  Because the forehead is a cosmetically sensitive area, and an incision in the hairline can achieve complete removal of the mass as well as one placed over the mass, I would be in favor of the scalp incision.  Hope this helps. 

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