Not Sure Whether to Go on Accutane or Not?

Hey everyone, I have no idea wheather or not I should go on accurane or not. I have moderate-severe acne, and have tried mincocycline, with no effects. I have also used benzoyl censor. However, the only thing stopping me is the symptoms of psychosis and depression. My older brother was diagnosed with psychosis and he was on accurane. However, doctors don't know what caused his psychosis. I have an appointment with a dermologist soon, so I am going to see what he says, I'm looking for reassurance

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Is Accutane Right For You?

Thank you for your question. You definitely have to weight the risks vs. benefits when considering going on Accutane. If your acne is as you say moderate-severe and you have tried and failed topicals as well as oral antibiotics, Accutane may be helpful. If your brother was diagnosed with psychosis while on Accutane was he like that prior to starting the medication ? These isn't a strong link to the medication and psychiatric issues. However it is important you let your Dermatologist know of his history with the medication. Only you and your Dermatologist can make the decisions of weather or not you should start Accutane.  I hope this helps.

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