What's the Difference Between Teeth Whitening Treatments?

There are so many teeth whitening options I run across. Zoom, britesmile, laser whitening, etc. how do I find the right one/ best whitener?

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You have options to whiten your teeth!

In Office Power Bleaching (Zoom, Britesmile, others) will whiten your teeth in one appointment. More can be achieved with additional treatments. The cost is more because of the time involved for the dental staff.

Tray whitening can be applied for 30 minutes to 1 hour once or twice a day to achieve a similar result in an average of 2 weeks. Night time whitening while you sleep can also be used in custom trays made by your dentist also for an average of 2 weeks to achieve a significant result.  The cost is less than Power Bleaching because you are doing most of the labor. 

All these methods will fade in time and require touch ups with trays. The time interval varies from once every month to once a year.

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All whitening works, but the varying levels

Whitening teeth is dependent on 3 factors:

• gel concentration
• frequency of application
• duration of exposure

Some products are lower concentrations to limit sensitivity, but are not as effective. Over time they will work enough to satisfy most people, so lower concentration products depend on higher frequency of exposure.

One visit methods have a lower frequency of application (once) so depend on higher concentrations of gel. This leads to sensitivity in some people, but also does not penetrate into the teeth as deeply as other methods.

Methods that allow long applications (such as night time tray application) increase total exposure, therefore deeper penetration. This leads to longer lasting results.

My experience is that the best bleaching method is not a product but a technique that uses many products. It is not as convenient as a single visit product, such as Zoom® or BriteSmile®, but lasts much longer and works better. Often called “Deep Bleaching” or “Extreme Whitening”, teeth get their whitest with this method.

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The only difference is in each treatment's method of...

The only difference is in each treatment's method of activating the solution that whitens your teeth. Some brands of one-hour whitening require a light to activate the solution. Other brands require a separate activating solution that mixes with the base to start the whitening process. All of them use 35% hydrogen peroxide to get the same exact results. There is no one method that is better than another.

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Consider Zoom tooth whitening

Zoom whitening is a quick chair-side whitening system. Three sets of fifteen minute treatments are done in one visit. The process begins with covering lips, gums, and tongue, leaving only the teeth exposed. Zoom whitening gel, composed of hydrogen peroxide, is applied onto the teeth.

A special Zoom light is shined on the teeth, working together to penetrate the teeth. The combination of the light and gel helps break up the stains and blemishes on the teeth, up to eight shades. Zoom whitening has low sensitivity and is proven to be safe and effective. A clinical study on the effect of Zoom whitening gel on enamel confirms that this system does not adversely affect the enamel. Overall, Zoom offers an effective, innovative cosmetic teeth whitening system that provides excellent results.

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What's the Difference Between Teeth Whitening Treatments?

There are MANY ways to whiten your teeth. There is no single option that always works perfectly for everyone. After more than twenty years of doing teeth whitening, the best question is "What's the best type of teeth whitening for ME?"

Some people are patient and can do tray whitening at home. It works great!

Some people have a special event coming up and need something fast--Zoom or Deep Bleaching can create rapid results.

Some people have sensitive teeth to start with. They need to have a cosmetic dentist help them DE-sensitize before starting ANY type of whitening.

The key is that different people and different types of teeth need different approaches. 

Almost everything you've seen advertised for teeth whitening has worked for someone. But, it doesn't mean it will work for you. There are many of these things that are a complete waste of money, or will leave you so sensitive you won't feel like putting anything in your mouth for two days.

The best use of your time and money is to meet an experienced cosmetic dentist who does a lot of teeth whitening and let them help find the way for YOU to get fantastic results!

Which Whitening System is the Best for Your Teeth?

YOU need to understand that all of the teeth whitening systems  done professionally work about the same and the result with most is about the same.  Take into consideration"

1.  How much time you have to spend for in office whitening?

2.   How sensitive your teeth are to the concentration of bleach?

3.  How much money you want to pay for this procedure?

After you answer these 3 questions most dentists can offer you a form that works well for the amount of time and money you want to spend. in our practice,  we offer chairside whtening with 35% concentration with a light, as well as the same product  but with take homet rays that are worn over a period of time which take a little longer to achieve the same effect but you can at less expense to you. We also offer Whiter Image take home and chairside treatment with whitening touch up pens.  One of the best products out that I am using is Kor Whitening which probably has the best results I have ever seen and it is a deep bleaching method that lasts.  Expensive but the best i have seen !  Many whitening methods to choose from so do your research and make sure you get what you are paying for!

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