What, if Anything Can Be Done to Repair a Diaphragmatic Eventration?

I am a 68 year old male, 5'11", 198 lbs. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with a diaphragmatic eventration. My abdomen where the eventration is has become more sensitive to external pressure. Is there is a satisfactory procedure to repair the eventration and strengthen the abdomen in that area without adding to the discomfort? I exercise regularly, including lifting weights, but no longer feel comfortable doing situps or other strenuous abdominal exercised for fear of doing more damage to the area.

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Diaphragmatic Eventration

Like many surgical procedures, repair of this problem has changed considerably with the advent of minimally invasive techniques, which has opened up the indications for surgery to many patients who would not previously have been considered good candidates.
You should be directing your query to a thoracic surgeon.

I am not sure where in Indiana you are located, but one resource would be the University of Indiana Hospital.

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