What Type of Lights Are Used for Blue Light Therapy?

Are the lights intense? Is this kind of treatment known by any other names?

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Blu U Light or Blue LED Light can treat acne

The Blu U and Blue LED are both used to treat acne. They have no side effects and are not hot.  If you add Levulan before treatment, you can have some burning. The blue light kills the bacteria which cause acne and helps to reduce the size of the sebaceous glands.

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Not intense, but a form of low level laser emission

The treatment of LED or light emitting diode, is also known as low level laser emission, and uses blue light in the wavelength of 420-430 nm . Omnilux is the classic name, but Blu U and other companies are producing lots of variants. P. acnes is most sensitive to blue light, with a second band (red light) that also activates the chemicals produced by this bacteria. 

The most recent studies show that combination treatments work best- namely blue light (more superficial) and red light (penetrates deeper). We use a combination of these treatments at Westside Laser. 

Another way of delivering more intense blue light is with a 420-430 filter from an IPL or BBL (Intense Pulse light) machine. 


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Blue lights, they are very mild

Blue lights are used.  There are a few brand names, the BLU-U from DUSA and the Omnilux has a blue light.  They are not painful at all, just natural blue light - which means between 410-420 nm.  Very safe.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
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Using blue light therapy for acne

Blue light therapy is typically used for acne and sebaceous overactivity, as it can destroy acne causing bacteria.  The light is not intense and there are excellent videos on the subject online. 

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) superior to Blue light therapy alone for acnev

Blue light therapy involves emission of 410-420nm (outside of ultraviolet spectrum) either via BLU-U or LED light source. Even though blue light therapy can be helpful, the effect is modest and should be preceded by application of Levulan, making it photodynamic therapy (PDT) which should work quite a bit better than blue light therapy alone.

William Ting, MD
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