What Treatments Are Available for Rosacia?

What is the best treatment for acne rosacea?

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Rosacea isn't a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. There are...

Rosacea isn't a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. There are several types of rosacea and therefore different treatments.

The first line of treatment is usually a cream or lotion, and oral antibiotics may also be used. These treatments decrease the redness and bumps seen in rosacea, and slow down the progression of rosacea. However, once there are visible broken blood vessels, which happens to everyone over time but is significantly increased in people with rosacea, the only way to treat those is with a laser. The pulsed-dye-laser is the best type of laser to treat broken blood vessels on the face.

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There are several treatments for Rosacea

There are several treatments for Rosacea -- they range from topical prescription creams to antibiotic pills to in-office laser treatments. All are effective depending on the type of rosacea and your board-certified dermatologist can help you decide which is best for you.

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There are two major types of rosacea and they are treated differently..

the acne look alike is called papulo-pustular rosacea...the skin is less sensitive and it's treated much like acne with topical and oral medicines...benzoyl peroxides, maybe metronidazole, sulfur compounds, possibly finacea and the like...tetracyclines like doxycycline seem very helpful for varying intervals...

the much more common variety that tends to appear at a young age and persists indefinitely is the flushing/blushing/dilated blood vessel type known as erythrotelangiectatic rosacea...the skin's sensitive to a wide array of cosmetics and salves and must be treated very gently...none of the medicines used for the acne type tend to work and they actually cause irritation...here avoidance of heat and triggers such as spicy foods, hot showers or hot coffee and alcohol are important...the VBeam laser is a wonderful method of gaining temporary control...often up to 6-12 months between treatments...

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