Unable to Lose More Weight But Want Body Jet. Who Should I Speak to? (photo)

I have spoken with different doctors that say I have to be under 200 lbs to get body jet liposuction, but I have lost alot of weight and most of the weight that I see is not going anywhere I was wanting to get body jet liposuction and not sure where to go or who to speak with that will do this for me without charging me alot of money, I know I will have to pay some amount the prices I have been given or like in the 11,000 range and I have seen people get it done alot cheaper please help me

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Unable to Lose More Weight But Want Body Jet. Who Should I Speak to?

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Great vacation photo, but not very helpful to see exactly what you appear as. You are speaking of "large volume" liposuction with or without using the body jet system (which I prefer) What you do not understand is in MOST states the amount of lipo aspirate allowed is approx. 4 liters. That would not make a difference in you at 234, maybe 8 to 10 pounds at best. So if you desire multiple every 3 months office outpatient operations to arrive at least 12 liters of fat than add up the time and costs of $5,000 per operation ='s $15,000. Or if you can find a boarded/hospital using doc to do large volume lipo than at $11,000 that is a GREAT fee. PLEASE understand LIPOSUCTION IS NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS! Continue trying to lose weight. 

Unable to Lose More Weight But Want Body Jet. Who Should I Speak to?

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Weight loss cannot be accomplished with liposuction. Liposuction works well and patients who have localized area of excess fat. At a weight between 230 and 250 pounds I suspect that it is unlikely that he would see a difference even if surgery were to remove the maximal safe amount which is in the neighborhood of 11 pounds. That  maximum amount is determined by patient safety. 

The fact that surgeon's her reluctant to offer liposuction to you into the weight 200 pounds or less is not necessarily a safety but rather to efficacy. it would not be much of a victory to spend $11,000, lose 10 pounds or so, and not feel as though you look any different.

this would be true for body jet liposuction or any other type of liposuction. Please continue the good work of losing weight until he reached the point at which the surgeon can help you with contouring her body.


Thank you for the question.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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