What Are Some Non-surgical Ways to Get Rid of my Sagging Stomach After Pregnancy?

What are the best ways to tone the post-baby stomach and get rid of pregnancy related sagging without surgery?

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Non-surgical treatments have a limited effect. If you really have sagging skin after pregnancy, you need surgery

non-surgical treatments have a limited effect. If you really have sagging skin after pregnancy, you need surgery such as a tummy tuck.  You would be wasting your money and time on non-surgical treatments.
Mild skin rippling is ok for non-surgical treatments.  'sagging stomach' after pregnancy I imagine is too much skin for a 'laser' or some other magic instrument.  Of course without pictures, we can't really give you a definitive answer.

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Nonsurgical skin tightening after pregnancy

Congratulations on your new baby!

Being only 5 months after giving birth, your body is probably still recuperating. Your stomach may still be a little swollen and with weakened abdominal muscles. I suggest you eat a healthy, balanced diet and gradually get back to working out. Start off slowly and increase intensity gradually. As your stomach regains its shape, you can start considering nonsurgical options if you aren't interested in surgery (like a tummy tuck).

Nonsurgical options do not usually achieve the dramatic and effective results that a tummy tuck can achieve. However, you can consider nonsurgical medical aesthetic treatments like laser skin tightening or micro needling. These treatments are designed to tighten the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Results may take several sessions and are not as predictable as a tummy tuck, however you may want to consider them. 

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Skin tightening

Congratulations on your baby.  Exciting times. 

The subject of skin tightening is controversial because no one treatment is great all the time.  If you look at Treatment Reviews on Real Self, you can get a good idea of the satisfaction scores.  At this point, Venus Freeze may be the best option for you.   Make sure you see before and after pictures of your Physician's success with his/her particular modality.  There are quite a few. 

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