What Should Laser Hair Removal Cost?

I read on this website that you shouldn't shop around for laser hair removal to get the best price. But what then should I be paying? What is a fair price for laser hair removal (session)? I want to remove hair permanently from legs, armpit, and bikini line.

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Laser Hair removal proces

Some laser centers only offer pre-paid packages. People respond differently to laser hair removal and I believe reputable laser centers will offer individual session pricing.

Receive the following price consideration when you have multiple areas treated:

2nd area: 10% discount 3rd area: 15% discount 4th area: 20% discount 5th area: 25% discount 6th area: 30% discount 7th area: 35% discount
8th area: 50% discount
9th area: 60% discount 10th area: 70% discount 11th area: 80% discount 12th area: 90% discount 12 areas treated: receive 1 free area

LHR - Consult - Complimentary
LHR - Upper Lip - $99
LHR - Chin - $99
LHR - Upper Lip & Chin - $175
LHR - Nose (exterior) - $75
LHR - Sideburns - $99
LHR - Between Eyebrows - $75
LHR - Forehead - $75
LHR - Ears - $75
LHR - Back of Neck - $99
LHR - Front of Neck - $99
LHR - Underarms - $125
LHR - Hands - $125
LHR - Toes - $75
LHR - Feet & Toes - $99

LHR - Woman's Lower Face - $199
LHR - Woman's Full Arms - $200
LHR - Woman's Arms: Hands to Elbow - $175
LHR - Woman's Full Abdomen - $175
LHR - Woman's Areolas - $99
LHR - Woman's Full Breasts - $125
LHR - Woman's Lower Back - $125
LHR - Woman's Full Back - $200
LHR - Woman's Buttocks - $160
LHR - Woman's Thighs - $199
LHR - Woman's Legs: Toes to Knees - $199
LHR - Woman's Full Legs - $380
LHR - Woman's Traditional Bikini - $150
LHR - Woman's Brazilian Bikini - $250

LHR - Man's Beard - $200
LHR - Man's Full Arms - $240
LHR - Man's Arms: Hand to Elbow - $190
LHR - Man's Chest - $190
LHR - Man's Abdomen - $190
LHR - Man's Chest & Abdomen - $350
LHR - Man's Shoulders - $175
LHR - Man's Back - $275
LHR - Man's Back & Shoulders - $399
LHR - Man's Buttocks - $200
LHR - Man's Thighs - $225
LHR - Man's Legs: Toes to Knees - $225
LHR - Man's Full Legs - $450
LHR - Man's Traditional Bikini - $175
LHR - Man's Brazilian Bikini - $350
LHR - Charge to Shave Back - $75 

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Cost of Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

It is very difficult if near impossible to compare prices for laser hair removal in Topeka, Kansas to where we are located in Los Angeles, CA. The point is that laser hair removal prices vary from city to city based on competition and the cost of doing business.

It's not that you should not shop around to get good pricing for your laser hair removal, and in fact we encourage our patients to go to multiple consultations. The point is that if you only focus on getting the cheapest prices available (or something close to the cheapest) then you will probably not achieve the best results.

Here are a few factors that are important to consider when choosing a laser hair removal practitioner.

  • Does the practitioner have the correct laser for your skin type? Generally speaking Diode and Alexandrite are the best for lighter skin types and Nd:Yag for dark skin types. Medium skin types like Asian and Hispanic can many times use all of these. The laser used is in most cases the #1 determinant in the quality of results. DO NOT GET IPL TREATMENTS, THEY DON'T PROVIDE PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.
  • The number of treatments affects the total cost as much as the price per treatment. Cheap treatments can mean a practitioner is doing the treatments too quickly (not covering enough area), paying too little to the staff, or using inferior equipment. These can all lead to poor results and the need for more treatments, which in the end may lead to a higher total cost.
  • Experience is important. Having an experienced laser hair removal practitioner is very important because knowing what settings to start you on will save on the number of treatments, allowing the practitioner to achieve higher starting energies and finishing in fewer treatments.
  • Ask for a referral. Try to go to practitioners that friends and family already know and are reputable.

Good luck.

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It depends on the area treated, generally, and it's usually charged per session. At our New Jersey clinic, it's the following:

Chin $150
Sideburns $150
Underarms $250
Arms from elbow down $350
Bikini Area $250
Brazilian Bikini $350
Both Legs $650
Knees $400

Of course pricing varies greatly.

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Laser hair removal prices

This price varies aroundthe country. Price shouldn't be the issues. You should fine a doctor to do it for you that can provide a safe clean environment to perform the procedure. Remember most of the time there are no problems, however you definitely want the doctor to be the one taking care of you if you have a complication.

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