Feel Like the Same B Cup After My Augmentation. What Should I Do? (photo)

I had augmentation surgery on June 1st it is now July 14th. I was a small flat b cup hoping to get to d cup. The implant size that the surgeon suggested was 400cc. So that is what I have, but for some reason if does not look like I going to get to a d cup. I am still fitting in my size b bras. I am very unsatisfied -I do not have the funds to undergo the surgery again. So what should I do because this is not what I was hoping for.

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Breast cup size after augmentation appears to be larger than a C cup

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It should be first stated that breast cup size is a somewhat subjective matter.  I think most plastic surgeons would agree that you are not a B cup.  I am not sure what cup size you were truly before but your current size appears to be somewhere in the C cup range.  A 400ml implant would have given you about 1.5 cup size increase I would imagine.  It is possible that you were a small B cup and currently you are in the C/C+ cup range.  I would wait for now as it is early after your surgery and have a conversation with your doctor.  Replacing with larger implants down the road would be a relatively straightforward process.

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Dr Remus Repta

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Not the cup size that you wanted

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You are still early in the recovery process and it is not unusual to have some degree of buyer's remorse.  I never promise a patient a particular cup size since this is a ticket to disappointment.  By most standards 400 cc should have increased your cup size by 2.  If you started out a B you should now be a D.  The problem is that it becomes a tell me what I am thinking game.  All plastic surgeons hate this game.  We use the Vectra 3D imaging system and love it.  In over 100 breast augmentations over the past year I have not had one patient complain about their final size.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Feel Like the Same B Cup After My Augmentation

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Dear Jay,

It is always best to wait around 6 months and live with your new implants before coming to a final conclusion. Naturally, express your thoughts to your surgeon but give everything time. You may want larger implants but maybe not after living with them for several months. Remember, all of us want out patients to be happy so discussing your issues in a friendly mamnner with your surgeon will help the most.

Brett Edward Lehocky, MD
Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon

Feel Like the Same B Cup After My Augmentation. What Should I Do?

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Thanks for the inquiry and posting afters photos. But a before photo would help. I'm sure you have an increase in size and volume but it is not to your liking. Sounds like a failure in pre operative communication between you and the chosen surgeon. NO WAY a 400 cc in your case would add to a "D" cup! The real question is what to do now? Best to allow at least 4 more months of healing than obtain exchange to a 600 cc HP implant, yes additional surgery and expense. Sorry. 

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