What Should I Avoid During Rhinoplasty Recovery to Maintain the Result?

I just had rhinoplasty 5 fays ago, and from what I can see it already looks great. I dont want to ruin the doctors beautiful work, what should I avoid? The nurse said no sunglasses for 3 months, no sneezing, no blowing my nose or sniffling. Is there anything else? I sneezed once on the 3rd day but I did my best to kind of redirect it through my mouth, the nurse said it doesnt look like I did any damage but you cant see much now. Thanks a lot for the advice!

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Just avoid contact sports and trauma.

Actually after about 6 weeks it will take considerable force to injure the nose. Therefore, you only need to avoid trauma from doors, balls, cabinets, pets, children, etc. Otherwise, enjoy your new nose.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Your surgeon's office should give you a host of things which you can do and can not do.  Every office has a specific set of instructions to create an expeditious recovery specific for the type of rhinoplasty you had.  Some things to consider:

  • Avoiding trauma to nose
  • Protect nose from sun
  • Avoid glasses to nose
  • Avoiding nose blowing

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Protect your nose from being hit

It is very important that the patients do not get hit in the nose within the first six weeks after the rhinoplasty. There should be no blowing of the nose for the first week or two after the surgery and avoid glasses for approximately one month after the surgery. Repetitive sneezing will not affect the result of the rhinoplasty.

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One week after rhinoplasty care is easy


You are well on your way to success. Our routine with rhinoplasy is fairly simple. The splint is removed after about six days and tapes removed from the nose. Any sutures are removed at this time as well. Now it is easy for our patients to shower and wash their face.

The nose is still quite tender and some swelling is still present. Inside the nose is stuffy, though our patients too do not blow the nose for three weeks, and at that point only gently so. At one week we use the following:

  • Gentle cleaning daily, sunblock when outside
  • One to two extra pillows at night for elevation
  • Ayr nasal saline mist spray to soften the inside the nose
  • Cold air humidifier at the bedside to increase comfort
  • Avoid eyeglasses that cause pressure over the bridge for four weeks
  • Do not blow nose or strain for three weeks

After four weeks we allow full activity with gentle exercise and non contact sports.

This works for our patients, though be sure to check with your doctor to see if his patients need a different approach. Congratulations.

Best of luck.

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