Laser Resurfacing Vs. Fraxel: Which is Safer for Acne Scar Removal?

And which one is more effective for acne scar removal and reducing pore size as well as skin discoloration? I have some ice pick scars and some rolling scars on my face. I also have follicular macular atrophy on my back, chest, and side upper arms. I also have hypotrophic scarring on my chest. What is my best treatment for my face and body? Thank you

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Acne scar treatment is complex, but Fraxel Restore probably best overall

Though acne scar treatment is complex and has to be individualized, I think the short answer to your question is, the Fraxel Restore is the best single tool to use from the standpoint of overall safety and effectiveness. For use off the face, it is one of the few effective treatments that can safely be utilized.

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It depends

I do not know your skin color, texture, or the depth of scars. I do not know if you can do downtime. These are just some of the issues to discuss with your dermatologist. There is more than one option because dermatology is not a "one size fits all" specialty.

In general, Fraxel restore is better for more skin types, but several treatments are always required. If you are fair, can take off a week or more, and have severe scars, resurfacing may be best option. For the body, however, i do like Fraxel Restore the best.

Hope this helps.

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Combined fractional resurfacing is best for acne scars

Recently, combination fractional laser skin resurfacing has shown the best results with acne scarring.

This new technique uses a combination of the Lux1540 non ablative laser (similar to fraxel but newer) for 4 treatments followed by the ablative Lux2940 fractioanl laser.


before and after photos of Lux 1540 Laser


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