What Are Potential Lifestyle Lift Side Effects?

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Risks of Lifestyle lift

The risks of the lifestyle lift include the risks of any other face lift procedure and include but are not limited to:

  • infection;
  • bleeding;
  • hematoma;
  • wound breakdown;
  • widened or hypertophic or keloid scar formation;
  • fibrosis;
  • nodularity;
  • abscess formation;
  • contour irregularity;
  • cicatricial alopecia;
  • skin necrosis;
  • necrotizing fascitis;
  • partial/complete sensory and/or motor nerve damage;
  • paresis;
  • paralysis;
  • asymmetry;
  • adverse anesthetic or medication reactions;
  • suture and/or foreign body reaction;
  • inability to assure a specific functional and/or cosmetic result, and;
  • need for subsequent secondary surgical revisionary or emergency procedures.

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Complications of Facelifts including mini-facelifts

LifeStyle Lift, Mini facelifts, traditional facelifts and in general all of the facial lifting procedures share similar risks which are increased by several disease processes and smoking. They include but are not limited to:

wound healing problems, infection; bruising and excessive bleeding including hematoma, visible and enlarged scars that may need to be revised; loss of hair in the scalp, nerve damage to sensory and nerves that move muscles (e.g. weakened smile), assymetry,  emotional problems and other less common problems


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